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Here's The Perfect Solution To Increase The Value Of Your Car!
And here's our BIG PROMISE:  If for any reason you are not pleased with the Detailing Service, we'll Detail it again or you don't pay. We can't be anymore fair!
6 Dirty Car Detailing Secrets Exposed and How Every High-end Car Owner Can Easily Avoid!
# 1- BEWARE OF START-UP & PART-TIME DETAILERS: Melbourne is flooded with Detailers. It is an Unregulated industry and easy for people to start-up and earn extra money. Potentially very COSTLY for the consumers’.

#2 - DETAILERS BAIT & SWITCH:  So many Car Detailers' offer super-low prices just to get your business. Then they switch! They start to add extras and you end up paying much more. If the price is too good to be true, it probably is. I am dedicated to my clients before, during and after every Vehicle Detailing I do.

#3 - WRONG TECHNIQUE & CHEAP EQUIPMENT:  Watch out for unexperienced Detailers using wrong technique and cheap equipment. They can actually DESTROY your car! I use Professional grade Italian and German brands to achieve best results. I guarantee you'll get best value for your investment.

#4 - CHEAP SNEAKY PRODUCTS AND COVERUPS: I don't use Silicon or Petroleum based products like most Detailers and dodgy Dealerships. They only temporarily cover-up imperfections. I permanently Minimise or Remove Imperfections.

#5 - MOST DETAIL STUDIOS HIRE STAFF ON $12/hr: At Finest Detail all Auto Detailing is carried out by myself or my business partner and Senior Detailer to make sure your vehicle get's the attention it deserves.

#6 - FULLY INSURED FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND: Insurance is crucial! We are fully insured with public liability insurance and driving risk cover.
What My Clients Are Saying...
"AMAZING Gloss like mirror-finish"

"His work was Spectacular and Transformational"
:Mercedes SLK200 - Kenny Lee. MELBOURNE

"Your work is a mirror of yourself and your true dedication"
:1986 Porsche 928s -Frank Bevilacqua, BRUNSWICK

"What a brilliant result!"
:BMW X5 - Andrew Mumford. BRIGHTON

"Surpassed my expectations"
:BMW Clubsport - Gavin Colosimo. MELBOURNE

"Wealth of knowledge and is dedicated"
:Audi A5 - Brendan Cheong. TAYLORS HILL

"Just like a Brand New Car"
:Mazda CX5 - Colm MacGowan. BENTLEIGH

"My Holden UTE Turned Out Brand New"
:Holden Ute - Georgey Cini. TAYLORS HILL

"Really Amazing Job"
:Ford Territory - Craig Meldrum. HIGHETT

"As good as when purchased nearly 6 years ago"
:Toyota Rav4 -Tim.S, FERNTREE GULLY
Bring Your Car Back To Life With My Tailored Detailing Services!
Interior Detail
Revive & Refresh
Do you know how many germs and bacteria can build up in your interior if you don't keep it clean? You know how disgusting a door knob is. Don't let that turn into your stick shift or steering wheel.  I do thorough cleanings, spot removal and I'll even clean your pedals and pillars!

MATS: Removed, vacuumed, and Dry Steam Clean.
STORAGE: Boot, glove box and storage compartments cleaned.
SEATS AND CARPETS: Thoroughly Vacuum then Dry Steam Clean to remove dirt, stains, kills germs and bacteria.
HEADLINER: Spot Clean to remove stains.
DETAIL: Thorough clean and detail of dashboard, middle console, gauges, door panels, steering wheel, glove box, sun visors, driver pedals, kick panels, and between seats with a air-steam gun.
GLASS & MIRRORS: All interior windows, rear view mirror and vanity mirrors cleansed with smear free finish.
DEODORISER: Premium Air Freshener/Deodoriser is applied to give you long-lasting fresh smell.
Exterior Detail
Paint Enhancement
Recommended as a yearly or one-off treatment for your car. This package is designed to reduce minor paint defects and enhance the visual appearance of the bodywork. Reduce swirling, and very light scratches.

WHEELS: Tyres, Rims and Inner wheel dishes degreased and cleaned.
PRESSURE WASH: Exterior including Boot, Door Jambs, & front hood.
SHAMPOO: Special Foam Solution is applied to the vehicle to Soften and safely take off the Dirt, Dust and Sand before Hand Wash.
WASH: Hand wash complete Exterior using super soft Aquatouch Microfibre Wash Glove.
DECONTAMINATION: Thorough Paint Decontamination using Clay Bar to safely remove deposits such as bug residue, and road tar from the paint surface without harming the paint itself. This will create a Silky Smooth Surface.
DRY VEHICLE: Aquatouch Waffle Weave Ultra Soft Towel is used to dry entire vehicle. Dries far better and safer than any other detailing fabric on the market
POLISH: Machine polished to remove fine swirl and Enhance colour.
DRESSING: Applied to Exterior Plastic, Tyres, and Rubber.
WAX/SEALANT: Machine apply Wax to Add Shine to the Exterior.
Re-Sale Detail Pack
Here's 3 Power Moves To Boost Your Re-Sale Price
1) PREPARE - Professional Detailing to Boost your Sale Price. Revive neglected paint using Optimum Polish to achieve high gloss and reduce signs of wear & tear.

2) PHOTOGRAPHY- (OPTIONAL). I can take and email you 15-20 High Resolution Digital Photos showing your car in the best light, to help you sell your car easier and faster. You can upload them in your online advert on car sales websites and any Social Media platforms. This will surely help you get rid of your vehicle fast! $50 fee applies and only upon request.

3) PRESENT- Attract high end Prospective Buyers willing to Spend more. 'A Re-Sale Detail Package will transform your car, making it perfectly presentable for sale.

A great exaggerated analogy I often explain to my clients is...
"What's your Dream Car? Find TWO Identical Cars (Mechanically and Cosmetically). Let me Detail ONE. Then park it right next to the other. You'll most likely pay more for the one that is Much More Appealing and Presentable!"

The Detail and Preparation I carry out is thorough and meticulous to ensure you get Maximum Return on your Investment.

Paint Correction
Make Your Car Look Like It's Fresh Off The Showroom Floor!
I can Permanently remove or minimise paint damage. Including, swirl marks, holograms, cobwebs, oxidation, bird excrement, tree sap and scratches.  My goal is to have your car looking BRAND NEW at ALL TIMES! 

Here's The Different Stages I Can Provide You:

1-Stage Paint Correction:
For light swirls and minor defects.
Minimum 30% Correction.

2-Stage Paint Correction:
For moderate swirls and moderate  defects.
Minimum 50% Correction.

3-Stage Paint Correction:
For medium swirls and medium defects.
Minimum 70% Correction.

4-Stage Paint Correction:
For severe swirls and severe defects.
Minimum 90% Correction.

Additional Services Available:
Paint Protection
Jewel Polishing
Car Exhibition Preparation
Wet Sanding
Tree Sap Removal
Orange Peel Removal
Let's face it... Selling a Car is Daunting!
You have a choice when it comes to getting your vehicle Ready-For-Sale. 

Of course you can find some Detailer to give it a quick fix. However, if you want to add value to the appearance and get the most "bang for your buck" when you go to sell your car, having me detail it will help you attract better prospective buyers who will be willing to spend more money to buy it. What sounds better to you?

A proper Pre-Sale Detail is an investment for sure. The truth is, when we get finished with your car, you'll be more confident to sell it at much higher price than you would have initially thought and you'll be able to sell it A LOT faster too!
YES! I'm Requesting A-Call-Back to discuss my Car Detailing Requirements.
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MOBILE Detailing
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